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Sewers and Drains

Just imagine the impact when your sewer line and drain is not properly installed. A poorly laid line or minute crack that collapses under the pressure of the ground surrounding it – these are the underlying problems that can occur when you choose a subpar sewer drain installation service for a new drainage and sewer system.
Have your drains slowed dramatically recently? Are your drains clogged? Debris possibly could have caused a blockage in your sewer line, leading to a drastic decline in functionality and could as well cause an unpleasant sewer backup.
Here at Plumbing Medix, we have a solution to your commercial drain cleaning sewer problems. Build up grease from your pipes, leaving them free and clear of blockage. Sand, hair, foreign objects, mineral scale, and silts are effectively removed. Applying the concept of hydro jetting by removing grease buildup completely and restoring your commercial sewer functionality to like a new condition.
Have your pipes been snaked multiple times? How about your kitchen drain snake? Do you have a stubborn clog? All these drain snaking problems can be solved with root killers, manual root saws, grease-cutting agents and other agents to maximize its output and efficiency. When you determine to cater for your commercial drain snaking needs, you will discover that here at Plumbing Medix, we have the experience, right equipment, and techniques to enable your drains and plumbing system pipes flowing in an efficient and clean manner.
Our drain care services are targeted towards commercial needs in sanitizing and protecting pipes. Just before any service, first of, we diligently inspect your system to detect weak areas, leaks, breakage and the level of the clog to ensure the most effective method is utilized. Our main aim is to perfec your sewer and drain installation to the original performance. Reach us today via call and let us schedule a time for our technician to come evaluate your plumbing system’s performance.