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Showers and Bathtub

Whether you have your bathtub clogged, a shower clogged, holding water from a slow bath drain, or even a shower clogged, at the first sign of any of these plumbing problems, give us a call at Plumbing Medix. Irrespective of how small or big your plumbing issues are, you can trust in our expert services on shower head installation and replacement.

What are the common bathtub and shower problems that leads to shower fixture replacement services?

Common bathtub and shower problems are slow drains, odor, low water pressure, and murky water, all of which can be inconvenient and stressful. However, some of these problems, such as low water pressure can be prevented with regular bathtub conversion. It is important to get help when a bathtub leaking escalates to a point where it becomes a detriment. Here at Plumbing Medix, we pride ourselves on responding quickly to every service.

What Causes Drains to Clog in Showers and Bathtubs?

Dirt, hair, and water go down the drain with the use of the shower and bathtub on a daily basis. As a result, the accumulation of these items causes a clog in your bathtub or shower. Trust me, standing in three inches while showering is never a good thing to encounter as it leaves you with an unpleasant experience. Plumbing Medix expert technicians can provide shower or bathtub replacement accompanied by professional drain cleaning services.

Bathtub and Shower Installation

Many times, bathtub and shower replacement services are needed by our highly esteemed customers. However, your bathtub or shower can deteriorate beyond possible repair services overtime. This could be caused by cosmetic issue or rusting, hence, replacing a shower or bathtub is always an effective option. Plumbing services affects the overall aspects of your home or commercial space. Addressing plumbing issues efficiently and professionally is critical to ensure safety. At Plumbing Medix, you are well assured of the peace of mind that comes with an industry-leading plumbing repair services and installation services.