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Water Heater Installation

It is not an ideal way to start the day by waking up to a leaking water heater repair emergency. When such occurrence happens, it is pertinent that you reach out to an expert for proper fixing of your water heater repair to prevent further damage to your commercial space or homes. Water heaters overtime enables natural minerals in the water to calcify on the inside of the tank due to its inbuilt glass-lined storage tank, leaving your heater with a leak and causing the glass lining to crack.
Whether you have a tankless water heater or a standard storage water heater, Plumbing Medix offers all the right fix for every water heating installation and repair needs. Does your commercial space have an electric heater? Check the fuse of the breaker to make certain that it hasn’t flipped especially if your water heater no longer provides hot water. If that little experiment happens to be the case, then, it is important you have a commercial water heater maintenance or installation expert to examine the problems. Here at Plumbing Medix, we perform proper and well detailed water heater service diagnostic examination to check your electric heater leak to figure out the cause of the leakage.The reason why you have to be prompt in calling Plumbing Medix at the first sign of water heater trouble.
Whether you are experiencing malfunctioning or anticipating the need to replace your commercial water heater in the next few months, Plumbing Medix wataer heater service is readily available to meet your needs. Our team is armed with decades of hands-on experience and expertise to take care of water heater repair and installation.
Here at Plumbing Medix, we are fully equipped to cater for all types of water heater installation and repair, ranging from gas or electric water heaters, broken thermostats to leaky tanks. Give us a call today, let’s take care of your needs.