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Emergency Services

Hey!! Sometimes, placing a call to your local plumber particularly outside business hours can be nerve-wracking – since most after-hours calls cost a leg and an arm. Hey, no worries, we’ve got you covered. When you call at Plumbing Medix, you need not be worried about outrageous emergency bills. Our commercial emergency plumbing service is top-notch and committed to charging fair and affordable prices. Regardless of whether you are facing a growing emergency leak or a faltering sump pump, we aim to provide top-of-the-line service to meet your needs.
Truth is, plumbing problems that start small may emanate into serious issues leading to extensive damage and costings. It is advisable to bring in one of our 24-hour emergency service plumber to tackle the plumbing problem in its growing stage rather than pay or wait to clean up the aftermath. Here at Plumbing Medix, our emergency service is highly responsive. Of a truth, plumbing emergencies don’t occur on regular hours of business. That is why we deem it fit here at Plumbing Medix to be available irrespective of what time of day it is that you call for us.
You don’t have to miss out on an overtime Bulls game due to a leaky pipe, Plumbing Medix is willing to get emergency pipe repairs done promptly and forgo the game. The best part of working with Plumbing Medix is that we don’t just do band-aid fixes, however, our work ethics requires discovering the underlying cause of the problem so that it can be repaired for good.
Are you are dealing with an emergency with your boiler or hot water heater? We are sure willing to come to your aid. We love to help our customers ease the stress and hassle of dealing with an emergency.
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